​​About the Artist

Chuck Danford's paintings depict familiar settings and subjects, primarily wildlife and landscapes. Surprising splashes of color and texture, bold abstract shapes and subtle yet powerful design add unexpected, distinctive elements to this artist's watercolors. Danford portrays his visions of nature using traditional and contemporary palettes; with colors that range from earth tones to sensationally vibrant hues.

A Colorado native and graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art, Danford started his career as art director for a Denver television station and later design director for the Denver Research Institute at the University of Denver. In 1967 he co-founded Unit One, Inc., a graphic design firm.

Danford has studied with noted artists Tony Couch, Tom Lynch, Morton E. Solberg, Lein Zhen, Steven Quiller, Mark Mehaffey, Michael Atkinson and Sterling Edwards. He has been painting professionally since 1998. His work can be found in private and public collections around the country and is currently exhibiting in regional locations.

Artist's Statement
Danford says, "I am primarily concerned with the medium, the cause and effect, the way colors interact when they make contact with the paper. I feel my best works have come spontaneously, frantically working with wet washes to create the desired mood for the piece. I think of my paintings as an opportunity to see subjects another way. I feel that too many of us take for granted the beautiful world that surrounds us. I have a tremendous love of nature, particularly mountains, rural landscapes, animals and birds. The exciting colors of the seasons and the natural design of nature are my basic inspiration. If I can share an image that is pleasing to the eye, then I have fulfilled my responsibility as an artist."

"Each painting evolves from a spontaneous beginning into a uniquely different and powerfully artistic expression." Danford's paintings stimulate and entertain the viewer’s imagination, offering a tranquil escape into the shapes, colors and textures emerging from the paper. Danford's wildlife paintings usually feature a well defined image integrated with an  impressionistic background. A few elements of his style include a dramatic composition with unexpected colors and textures. Chuck’s obvious regard for his subject matter and his fresh, innovative style, make his paintings one of a kind treasures. "I also love sharing my work and experience with other artists through teaching classes and workshops which I have done for over 15 years”.